Aerial Photography in Greenville, SC

Aerial Real Estate Photography In The Greater Greenville Area

Opt for our professional aerial real estate photography to show a stunning area view of your real estate property and its neighborhood.

Unlike standard photography, aerial photography has no such restrictions on what can and cannot be captured.  An aerial photograph can give prospective buyers a better view of a property’s amazing neighborhood or the surrounding landscape.

Want to demonstrate how close a property is to the nearest beach? Or do you want to show prospective buyers that the property is peacefully tucked away in the hills? Well, these features cannot be captured by a standard DSLR or shot a mobile phone. Hence, this is where aerial and drone photography comes into play. All the exceptional features that you would like to showcase to prospective buyers will be highlighted by drones.

Why Choose Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography and videography can significantly improve your chances of selling homes quickly and for the highest price. 

Here are two specific points in favor of this type of photography. These will make you stand out from realtors who only use typical images and videos.

  • By accurately depicting the size of the property, points of interest, and local amenities, aerial real estate photography paints a clearer picture of the location and layout of the property.
  • Aerial real estate photography can draw attention to distinctive elements of the property, such as a pool, a custom-made backyard, or its particular design.

Affordable Aerial Photography In South Carolina 

At RE Imaging SC, we actively keep on improving our abilities and knowledge to adapt to the shifting requirements and photographic techniques of the real estate industry. We have unwavering confidence in our ability to assist realtors in standing out and attracting buyers to their listings. Additionally, we aim to provide our clients with affordable and convenient aerial real estate photography and videography services.


Drone Photos (3-5 Photos) -$179

Add to any Photo Base Pack for $89


Aerial Photography in Easley, Sc

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you mean by aerial real estate photography?

Aerial photography refers to the type of photography that uses UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to take stunning pictures of a property from an elevated and different vantage point. A drone is the best example of a UAV.

Why should one opt for this type of photography and videography?

Traditional images and videos can not fully convey the features of your listing, as images and videos captured through aerial photography and videography can. They also assist you in differentiating yourself from the competition and enhancing your marketing to new levels.

What advantages do drones have??

Drones can be used to cover large properties, highlight inaccessible features, show off a property’s dimensions, and take unique photos. Hence, it will not be wrong to say that it is heavily dependent on drones.